Automate Proofing, Print Perfectly.  

The Challenge:

>> Testing Document Applications


?  How long does it take your company to test modified or upgraded document applications? 


? Do you lack the manpower to thoroughly test your customer documents before they are sent?


?  Does testing your document applications cost too much?


? Do your customer documents contain too many errors?  Do you even know?

If so, your organization is not unique. In fact, according to Madison AdvisorsTM, because current document application testing methods are primarily manual and extremely labor-intensive, they consume as much as 60% of your document project hours. In addition to being the most time-consuming and costly component of document creation, the manual nature of document testing means it is highly error prone. So not only does testing take too long and cost too much; it often misses document errors, increasing the chances that erroneous information is sent to your customers.

So how do you answer the challenge?

The Solution:
>> Automated Document Testing

By automating the testing of document applications, your company can:

> Test modified or upgraded document applications MUCH more thoroughly.
> Substantially reduce the time it takes to deliver modified or upgraded customer documents to market.
> Slash document testing costs.
> Dramatically reduce the incidence of errors in your customer documents.
> Improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Sounds great, right? But how can you automate your entire document testing process, thereby maximizing these benefits?

The Total Solution:
>> Paloma Print Perfect

Would you buy a document inserter which bursts and folds your documents, but requires your employees to manually add marketing inserts and stuff the documents into envelopes? Of course not! Then why settle for a document testing automation solution which handles only the comparison of two print files, especially when there is a complete document testing solution available?

Buying print comparison software without considering ALL the steps and procedures that comprise your document testing process is dangerous - it can result in the implementation of an incomplete solution which doesn't maximize the benefits of document testing automation.

With Paloma's Print Perfect solution, your company can implement a complete, end-to-end document testing automation solution, maximizing the benefits of document testing automation.