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The Importance of Document Quality Assurance
Customer Interaction Documents are often the most frequent interaction your company has with its customers. With Print Perfect, you can make sure they are done right every time.
Corporate Image Inconsistent document rendering blurs a corporate identity. Learn how to keep branding consistent.
Minor Details, Matter Something as small as a punctuation mark can
change the whole meaning of critical passages.
Learn how to reduce your risks now.

Fully Automated Software for Document Testing

Document Comparison and Workflow Automation Solutions

Managing consumer communication is vital to businesses in nearly every industry. Ensuring the accuracy of information presented in the iterations of a consumer-document is a costly and time-consuming job.

Consider this: An estimated 60% of project hours are spent in the arduous comparison stage of document generation. Further, companies unable to afford specialized document proofers rely on generalists or skilled programmers to take on additional editing responsibilities, distracting them from other profit-generating work they were meant to do.

Increase Profits with Digital Document QA for Accurate Customer Correspondence

Paloma Print Products has a fleet of automated testing software designed to cut document comparison time down to a fraction of the time required for manual proofing. No more long days and big paychecks spent on highly-skilled programmers poring over statements, policies, contracts, invoices, and correspondence to visually check for accuracy.  With user-friendly software solutions like Print Perfect™ and ADEPT Suite™, your company will save money while maintaining an accurate message, true to the corporate identity.

Prevent Document Errors with Paloma Print Perfect™

Gain Control of the Proofing Process

STREAMdiff Document Comparison Software

STREAMdiff™ print comparison software identifies inconsistencies in customer-facing documents.

Manual document testing is extremely error-prone, which means high consumption of labor, paper, toner, etc. to correct mistakes. Uncaught errors in documents may even violate consumer privacy laws, which generate bad PR for your company.

Paloma automates the difficult, time-consuming comparison process, improving accuracy and lowering costs. Insurance, banking, investment, utility, marketing, and telecommunication firms have benefited from employing Paloma’s fully automated document quality assurance solutions like:

  • STREAMdiff™Paloma’s premier print stream comparison software combines side-by-side document review and color coded difference markers with a simple graphical user interface for effortless proofing of a variety of composition and output file formats.
  • DocDiff™ – Paloma’s next generation document comparison software, substantially advances print stream comparison technology and its uses. Its ability to detect differences found across paragraph, column, and page boundaries makes it possible for companies to change CCM/CXM tools, or complete major document redesign projects, knowing that the only changes that occur are the exact changes you expect.
  • Switch™ – This powerful document integration program automates the entire document quality assurance and testing process and is adaptable to a company’s specific document production processes and architecture.

Lower document production costs by streamlining the print comparison process with Paloma’s line of document testing software – Contact us to get started!

Coherent Messaging Solutions from Paloma Print Products

Integrate Legacy Data into the Newest Marketing Channels with ADEPT Suite™

Previously deployed correspondence may contain data which is useful for future consumer documents. This essential information is a valuable asset if it can be retained and used as older composition or output formats creep toward obsolescence. Dealing with legacy data and legacy print streams is difficult and time-consuming, regardless of whether you wish to reuse data from outmoded formats  or if you want to expand into new marketing channels.

ADEPT Suite™ from Paloma Print Products perfects the process of transforming documents and extracting legacy data so your business can expand its marketing platform efficiently with the most accurate data possible.

Experience Turnkey Data Extraction and Document Transformation

Document Control and Testing Software

A fully integrated automated document testing system verifies the integrity of your company's document systems.

ADEPT Suite™ unlocks valuable data stored within legacy applications so your company can easily extend its marketing reach into the most modern and beneficial channels. Imagine being able to effortlessly adapt data secured from a mailer campaign into an online application – ADEPT Suite™ gives companies the capabilities to transform their marketing campaigns in this way. The integration of Switch with ADEPT Suite™ lends the product to extensive automatic data recovery and reuse.

ADEPT Suite™’s many capabilities include:

  • High volume document transformation or data extraction
  • Automated font mapping
  • Automatic job setup and configuration
  • Can view a variety of print files in visually faithful modes
  • …and more

Contact us to unleash the power of your consumer document marketing campaigns with ADEPT Suite™ from Paloma Print Products.

Comprehensive Customer Support from Paloma

We Provide First Class Support for All of our Document Quality Assurance and Testing Products

Paloma Print Products is in your corner when it comes to the optimal application of our software. We understand the concerns of our clients and are eager to provide them with the best solution for their specific situation.

Our customer service specialists are available to train and educate our clients, working with you each step of the way, ensuring successful software implementation and ongoing usage.  If problems should arise, rest assured you’ll be speaking with an expert to get your Paloma solution working optimally as quick as possible.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Contact the document quality assurance specialists at Paloma Print Products for personalized training, service and troubleshooting.
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