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Print Perfect™ Provides Comprehensive, Fully Automated Document Quality Assurance

Document Quality Assurance Software for Businesses

Paloma Print Products is pleased to offer the best and most complete alternative to labor-intensive manual document testing. Print Perfect™ represents the integration and optimization of three independent software programs, creating the most powerful and accurate automated document QA/testing solution.

Employing the Print Perfect™ solution to drive your document quality assurance processes ensures the right information is received by the correct customers, while its full automation reduces the consumption of financial and human resources commonly wasted by manual document quality assurance controls. Paloma’s Print Perfect™ truly represents the pinnacle of Document Quality Assurance.


“Why Do I need Print Perfect™?”

“What’s wrong with my file comparison software?”

You may have print stream comparison software capable of doing most of the tasks you require, but odds are quite good your program lacks significant “production level” testing functionality, requires a lengthy set up process, has an incomplete or difficult-to-use GUI, or supports only a few output formats. 

Paloma offers you a wide variety of document testing and workflow automation software to make you entire document control system run flawlessly.

Without the automation of Print Perfect™’s Switch™ module, your system implementation time and cost will increase. Also, repetitive tasks which aren’t automated may bog down the entire document testing process, or efficient high-volume batch testing may be impossible; without Print Perfect™’s STREAMdiff™ module, minute structural differences may go undetected by lesser print comparison-only solutions,  leading to printing errors that cost your company time, money and even your reputation.

Print Perfect™’s Total Automation Provides Maximum Benefit

The benefits of switching to Print Perfect™ from simple file comparison software, or worse, manual document testing, cannot be overstated. Some of the advantages of employing Print Perfect™ as a document quality control system are as follows:

  • Thorough Document Testing – automated testing minimizes errors commonly associated with fatigue from manual document comparison
  • Complete Automation For Productivity – a completely automated document QA system allows more documents to be tested in less time, increasing your ROI and reducing labor and error-related costs
  • One Document QA Solution for Multiple CCM Applications – Print Perfect™ is compatible with a variety of document composition programs, so it can be used to test virtually any system’s output files
  • Consolidated Output Testing – Print Perfect™ supports a wide array of document formats: AFP, Xerox Metacode, PDF, Postscript, PCL and ASCII text
  • Resource Cost Reduction – accurate document proofreading and comparison all but eliminates the need for printing reams of documents for manual inspection, reducing toner, paper and manpower expenses

Print Perfect™’s Automated Document Testing Modules

The reason Print Perfect™ is such an effective document quality assurance tool is its integration of three advanced software programs, each dedicated to specific areas of the document QA process, but working together optimally.

  1. STREAMdiff™ – Paloma Print Products’ powerful print comparison software. Offers high-speed digital comparison of “pre-change” and “post-change” documents, presenting them side-by-side in a simple user interface or an easy-to-read PDF-based report. Pixel-level document comparison reduces “false differences” often caused by structural variations across separate formats. STREAMdiff™ also generates an itemized list detailing all changes reviewed and accepted throughout the process, and automatically builds an audit trail of accepted edits.
  2. DocDiff™ - Like our flagship STREAMdiff™ software, DocDiff™ compares two documents to determine where changes are occurring and reports those changes to the user, but often for projects which can be substantially more complex. For example, for companies with CCM/CXM migration projects (e.g., moving from Adobe InDesign to AEM) or major document redesign efforts - in which document layouts/formats may change dramatically - DocDiff™ provides substantial time and cost savings while ensuring the integrity and quality of documents as they are migrated or redesigned.
  3. Switch™ – Works directly with STREAMdiff™ and DocDiff™ to automate the entire document comparison process. Creates a cohesive and ordered testing process without the need for custom coding or scripting. Protects documents from unauthorized access to your testing and review process, while simultaneously getting more team members involved in the editing process through enhanced ease of use.

Print Perfect™ is the perfect marriage of these three software modules, granting the most control over document quality assurance.

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