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Lower Business Costs with STREAMdiff™ Document Testing

High Speed Print Stream Comparison Software Tool for Your Consumer Documents

Paloma Print Products will lead you toward a more efficient document comparison process with STREAMdiff™ software from CDP Communications. Businesses employing STREAMdiff™ realize a huge jump in document testing productivity. This powerful software compares two print files in a fraction of the time it takes when using manual testing methods without the errors, headaches, eye strain, and low morale which result from manual document testing.

STREAMdiff Document Testing Software

The STREAMdiff™ interface clearly displays both documents and identifies possible errors.

STREAMdiff™ Features

  • Side by side, color coded markings clearly denote changes in documents
  • Simple Graphic User Interface
  • Page Description Languages Supported:
    • AFP
    • PDF
    • Postscript
    • PCL
    • Metacode
    • ASCII text
  • Compares both “like to like” files (e.g., AFP to AFP), or “like to unlike” files (e.g., AFP to PDF)
  • Compares documents created by different Customer Communication Management (CCM) applications
  • Works in both interactive and batch modes
    • When used in conjunction with Switch, the need to manually program DOS command line parameters is eliminated at the beginning of batch comparison processes
  • Review results in the PDF-based Detailed Difference Report
  • Audit trail of document QA/testing process

STREAMdiff™ System Requirements

Recommended System: Intel Quad Core processor, 8 GB RAM, running Windows 10, Windows 2019, Windows Server 2012, 2016, or 2019, or Linux (for batch comparison only)

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