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Frequently Asked Questions about Document Testing


What is STREAMdiff™?

STREAMdiff™ is a high-speed print stream comparison tool that automates the document review/testing process by digitally comparing a file of "pre-change" and "post-change" documents and displaying them side-by-side on your PC screen. Color-coded markers of varying, user-designated shapes are used to highlight differences. Additionally, rules can be created to iteratively review and accept document differences.

Which Page Description Languages (PDL's) can be compared using STREAMdiff™?

AFP (including AFP line data), PDF, Postscript, PCL (version 5), Metacode, and text/line data files can all be tested with STREAMdiff™. In fact, STREAMdiff™ can compare "like to like" files (e.g., compare one AFP file to another AFP file) or "like to unlike" files (e.g., compare a Metacode file to a Postscript file).

Does STREAMdiff™ work in both interactive and batch modes?

Yes. STREAMdiff™ can be launched on the desktop in an interactive mode or on a PC or server in a batch mode. PowerSWITCH™ simplifies the use of STREAMdiff™ in a batch mode by eliminating the need for the user to manually start the batch process using a DOS command line interface.

Can STREAMdiff™ compare files generated by different document creation/composition applications?

Yes. STREAMdiff™ compares files on both a structural and visual basis. This allows files from different versions of the same composition software, or even files generated by completely different document composition applications, to be accurately compared.


What is Switch™?

Switch™ is a workflow automation tool used to automate manual or repetitive processes in the Windows/Open environment. Also available with Switch™ is SwitchClient™, a simple and secure job submission and tracking interface that allows users to remotely submit files and monitor the status of existing testing flows. A scripting editor is also available and allows users to write custom scripts in VBScript, JavaScript, or AppleScript.

What are the typical uses for Switch™?

Switch™ can be used to automate virtually any manual process in the Windows/Open environment. Typical uses include: automating the document testing process, PDF editing and manipulation, and other miscellaneous functions.

Can Switch™ aid with the creation of "pre-change" and "post-change" files?

Yes. If document composition software is being run on a non-mainframe platform, Switch™ can launch the software so that your "pre-change" and "post-change" files are created automatically.

How will test files be moved to STREAMdiff™ for comparison?

Switch users can submit files to STREAMdiff™ using any number of methods, including the SwitchClient™ job submission interface, FTP, email submission, or by simply copying the files into a specific testing folder on your company network.

Can large batch print comparison tests be initiated in STREAMdiff™ without needing to know how to type "command line" instructions?

Yes. Paloma provides customized document testing workflows with Switch™ which completely eliminate the need for users to type instructions using a "command line" interface.

Can Switch™ control who has access to specific document testing processes?

Yes. Switch™ includes an administrative module which is used to define users and their respective access rights. Switch™ gives your organization complete control over who has access to your testing processes

How can you be certain STREAMdiff™ is using the most current printer resources (e.g., fonts, logos, forms)?

Switch™ can automatically transfer and/or receive updated print resource files on a regular basis, at a pre-defined day and/or time.

How will users be notified when large batch STREAMdiff™ print comparison tests are completed?

Switch™ can automatically notify users when STREAMdiff™ print comparison jobs have completed. In fact, the test results can be compressed, attached to an email, and sent directly to the user who submitted the STREAMdiff™ comparison.

In what order and when will remotely submitted batch STREAMdiff™ print comparison tests be processed?

Switch™ includes a file scheduler which is used to determine when STREAMdiff™ comparison tests can be processed.

How will old STREAMdiff™ testing projects and files be removed from the testing server when they are no longer needed?

Switch™ includes automated workflows which clean out old STREAMdiff™ testing projects and files at predetermined intervals. This keeps the testing server from becoming "clogged" with old testing projects, Detailed Difference Reports, pre-change and post-change files, resource files, etc.

How will your document testing process be documented?

Paloma provides a set of customized testing workflows with Switch™ which automatically archive time/date-stamped STREAMdiff™ project, pre-change, and post-change files, Detailed Difference Reports, etc. This ensures that all your testing processes are fully documented.

ADEPT Suite™

What is ADEPT Suite™?

ADEPT Suite™ provides applications to convert print data streams such as AFP, PDF, and Metacode into industry standard formats such as Postscript, XML, TIFF, and PCL. In addition, ADEPT Suite™ includes the toolset to:

  • Extract data fields into index and XML files
  • Split print streams into multiple/individual files
  • Map fonts so the visual fidelity is maintained during the conversion process

Is additional software is required to run ADEPT Suite™?

HTML viewing requires Internet Explorer version 5.5 (or compatible) or higher; PDF viewing requires Adobe Reader version 5.0 or higher

Can the ADEPT Suite™ transformation, extraction and indexing processes be automated?

Yes. ADEPT Suite™ includes a command line interface which allows for automating the transformation, extraction, and indexing processes. In addition, Switch™ and the custom ADEPT Suite™ workflows developed by Paloma, are used to completely automate this process, sparing the user from having to launch ADEPT Suite™ from the command line interface.

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