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DocDiff™ - from CCM/CXM migration to major document redesign efforts

Like our flagship STREAMdiff software, DocDiff™ compares two documents to determine where changes are occurring and reports those changes to the user, but often for projects which can be substantially more complex. For example, for companies with CCM/CXM migration projects (e.g., moving from Adobe InDesign to AEM) or major document redesign efforts - in which document layouts/formats may change dramatically - DocDiff™ provides substantial time and cost savings while ensuring the integrity and quality of documents as they are migrated or redesigned.

DocDiff™ intelligently analyzes your pre-change and post-change documents to determine how they flow from paragraph to paragraph, column to column, and page to page. It then determines if the flow has changed between the documents and matches each document section in the pre-change document to their equivalent document section in the post-change document. Next, DocDiff™ checks all the matched sections to ensure that the content is the same. If DocDiff™ detects differences, the user can view those differences in either the DocDiff™ software or in the standalone HTML-based DocDiff™ Difference Report. Supported file formats currently include PDF, AFP, AFP Line Data, and Xerox Metacode.

DocDiff™ substantially advances print stream comparison technology and its uses. Its ability to detect differences found across paragraph, column, and page boundaries makes it possible for companies to change CCM/CXM tools, or complete major document redesign projects, knowing that the only changes that occur are the exact changes you expect.

And like STREAMdiff™, DocDiff™ does not expect you to write or understand complex print stream code to detect or understand document changes. Rather, DocDiff gives you an intuitive visual interface, drag and drop capability, and an easy to understand and navigate HTML Difference Report that makes it simple and fast to detect and understand expected, and unexpected, changes.

DocDiff™ makes it easy for non-technical users to get involved in the review and approval of migrated or redesigned documents. The DocDiff™ HTML-based Difference Report is an end user report which details all the content differences found between two files. With DocDiff™, non-technical users need only a PC and a web browser to get involved in your document migration/redesign QA and review process.

DocDiff™ System Requirements

Recommended System: Intel Quad Core processor, 8 GB RAM, running Windows 10, Windows 2019, Windows Server 2012, 2016, or 2019, or Linux (for batch comparison only)

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