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Rather than spending valuable man hours on manual document comparison, the most efficient companies in industries like insurance, banking, print services provision, telecommunications, utilities and direct marketing depend on accurate and easy-to-use software solutions to establish an automated document testing and quality control system.

Document quality control software is an indispensable tool for any company managing multi-channel customer documents. Paloma Print Products offers complete control over document comparison and automation with our Print Perfect™ software solution.

Document Quality Control Problems Solved by Paloma Print Perfect™

Paloma offers solutions for managing the quality control process for document applications, production print data extraction and review, and document conversion. Discover below how Paloma’s Print Perfect™ software system and ADEPT Suite™ will address common document quality control issues:

  • Comparing changes between large batches of documents
  • Ensuring expected document changes are “regulator-compliant”
  • Errors in consumer documents, causing excessive error-related costs
  • Excessive document testing time and cost
  • Employee stress from manual proofing
  • Difficult coding for batch-oriented regression, user acceptance and system testing
  • Lack of document testing process oversight and documentation
  • Message and/or brand inconsistency across multiple communication media
  • Legacy data and document conversion difficulties
  • Mass data extraction problems from legacy print streams

The document quality control software products at Paloma give companies the flexibility and efficiency to provide quality consumer documents across a range of communication platforms with the consistency required for today’s multi-channel delivery methods.

Dependable Print Stream Comparison

STREAMdiff™ is one of two modules that make up our complete document quality assurance software solution called Print Perfect™.  STREAMdiff™ is an automated document comparison program which will ease the burden of workers who spend long hours manually comparing changes between documents. The automation offered by STREAMdiff™ goes further than just visual comparison, however, by analyzing unseen structural differences and changes in the coding of each document to fix hidden problems before they rear their ugly heads.  The program also automatically compares differences in documents down to individual pixels, which are impossible to see for weary employees.

The STREAMdiff™ software presents differences between documents using easy to understand color coded “difference markers” with a people-friendly graphic user interface so reviewing changes across large batches of documents can be done quickly. Alternatively, all changes can be reviewed in the STREAMdiff™ PDF-based Detailed Difference Report, providing an audit-trail to see how and when alterations to documents have been made, reviewed, and either accepted or sent back to the developers for correction.

STREAMdiff™ Benefits

  • Ensures required regulatory changes are implemented correctly and across your entire customer base
  • Increases the productivity of document creation specialists and minimizes labor costs
  • High speed print stream comparison performs testing in a fraction of the time it would take manual methods
  • Thoroughly tests document applications to reduce errors – and the resultants costs associated with these errors - in your customer documents
  • Compares documents from a wide variety of Customer Communication Management (CCM) software platforms, reducing the need to retrain users on new programs
  • Reduces cost by minimizing other print testing expenses like paper and toner previously required to print large volumes for manual inspection

Looking for Simplified Document Workflow Automation?

The second module in our Print Perfect™ document quality assurance solution is called Switch™. This software module is truly the “brains” behind Paloma’s document testing systems. When used in an integrated fashion with STREAMdiff™, Switch™ offers superior control over document QA workflow automation with significantly less effort than is required from “file comparison-only” software solutions.

Switch™ reduces the time and cost of the document QA process and simplifies document automation by eliminating the need for custom coding, making it easier for non-technical stakeholders to be involved in your document quality assurance process.

Benefits of Switch™ Software Module

  • Reduces STREAMdiff™ implementation time and cost
  • Automates STREAMdiff™ batch comparisons and all repetitive tasks
  • Allows non-technical users to be involved in your testing process without having to learn to use STREAMdiff™
  • Minimizes the number of STREAMdiff™ licenses needed
  • Provides a well-documented audit trail of your document testing process
  • Controls user access to specific processes like file comparison, review, and correction
  • Provides an order of operations and prioritizes STREAMdiff™ jobs
  • Removes outdated test files, projects, etc., from testing servers
  • Reduces process time

Print Perfect™: The Comprehensive Document Quality Assurance Solution

Paloma’s Print Perfect™ is the only fully automated document testing solution – it combines STREAMdiff™’s print stream comparison abilities with Switch™’s testing workflow automation to deliver the only software solution dedicated to streamlining the document creation and testing process to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY WHILE IMPROVING DOCUMENT QUALITY.

Before Print Perfect™, document application testing could consume up to 60% of each project’s total hours. Paloma Print Products software solutions deliver consumer documents in a fraction of the time it would take if using manual testing methods, and will increase efficiency and ease of production by orders of magnitude. 

By employing both Switch™ and STREAMdiff™, your company will unleash the power of both products to gain unmatched document testing performance. 

ADEPT Suite™: The Answer to the Challenges of Document Conversion and Legacy Data Extraction

The business world never stops moving, so companies need a document conversion solution as dynamic as their ever-changing environment. With new marketing channels opening up all the time, companies must adapt their messaging to remain consistent to their brand and corporate identity. ADEPT Suite™ is your best ally in the management of consistent messaging across multiple communication platforms.

Converting and extracting old data sets and documents into new formats is tedious and error-prone work without ADEPT Suite™ in your corner. ADEPT Suite™ allows your company to accurately convert data from legacy print streams to contemporary formats, assuring consistency in conversion and document transformation while reducing overall project time.

Benefits of ADEPT Suite™

  • Easily transforms outdated print files to newer print and presentation formats
  • Extracts data from legacy print applications without any alteration of the your base document generation applications
  • Easy graphic user interface (GUI)
  • Automated job setup
  • Visually faithful page viewing to see the final document form
  • Processes high volumes of complex documents in short time windows
Don’t let a lack of flexibility keep your business from consistent marketing – Contact Paloma Print Products to get ADEPT Suite™ for your business.

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