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Dynamic and Precise Document Conversion with Paloma Print Products

Relying on legacy print streams for your marketing, billing, invoicing, and consumer reporting means missing out on new delivery channels other businesses have been taking advantage of with multi-channel delivery systems. Modern businesses must create customer documents and data sets with adaptable attributes for use across a multi-channel platform.

Print applications must be adaptive in order to repurpose customer communications for multiple formats. Paloma Print Products provides businesses with industry-leading tools to convert documents for use in new channels, giving firms the level of control over their communications their customers require.

Benefits of Automated Conversion of Documents

As a business, expanding your communications platform should be on the top you your to-do list. Automating the document transformation process with Paloma Print Products simplifies this task and will dramatically influence ROI in the following ways:

  • Improves customer online experience, leading to  increased cost savings
  • Minimizes printing costs by using electronic content storage
  • Dramatically reduces project duration by automating repetitive document conversion processes
  • Maximizes the scope of your messaging by expanding your company’s multi-channel delivery possibilities

ADEPT Suite™ for Fast, Simple Document Transformation

“As an integrated working environment, ADEPT Suite™ is designed to significantly reduce the time and complexity that has traditionally been involved in managing a data stream transformation project”

Rick Saarimaki, CEO and President of CDP Communications

As a document transformation tool, the ADEPT Suite™ is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for the challenges of effectively expanding information from static formats into additional delivery channels.  When you employ ADEPT suite™ to automatically convert your documents, your employees will interact with an elegant graphical user interface, allowing them to:

  • Speed through job setup and configuration automatically
  • Accurately view pages as they will be seen by end users
  • Transform batch data from both legacy and standard formats to additional online and print channels
  • Adjust fonts as needed through automated font mapping
  • Configure data extraction rules to create XML or .csv data, which can then populate data fields in other applications

Who needs Automated Document Conversion?

The short answer is whoever wishes to expand the availability of their data to additional formats to enhance customer experience. ADEPT Suite™ has exceptional value for any company required to transform high volumes of customer documents. Organizations across the following industries have benefitted from Paloma’s document transformation, testing, and data extraction software packages:

  • Insurance—health, life, casualty, property, etc.
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Gas, electric, and water utilities
  • Direct marketing
  • Print services providers

No matter your industry, you’ve worked hard to establish a corporate identity—don’t let it be betrayed by incoherent messaging across delivery channels.

Take control over messaging in customer documents with Paloma’s ADEPT Suite™—contact us today!

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