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Legacy Data Extraction

Legacy Data Extraction Streamlines Your Business

Today’s business world is in a perpetual state of catch-up due to constantly evolving technology. As companies try to maintain critical consumer documents, applications and their data sets inevitably become outdated. Additionally, regulatory changes within and across spheres like the insurance, finance, banking, utilities and telecomm  industries demand a nimble system to help firms accurately adapt older data and documents to meet legal requirements.

Modern businesses must retain corporate identity and coherent messaging across multi-channel delivery systems. This consistency is crucial to the efficiency of marketing, billing, invoicing, and communication through consumer documents. Dependable legacy data extraction and reimplementation is a tried and true solution for tackling the challenges of outdated consumer documents. But how do you unlock this data in an efficient manner?

Paloma’s Quality Data Extraction Software Saves Headaches and Money

Paloma Print Products offers a complete solution to legacy data issues with our ADEPT Suite™ of document conversion and data extraction software. With ADEPT Suite™, the automated conversion of outdated documents is made simple, saving time and costs spent on complete re-creation of those documents.

ADEPT Suite™ is designed to work with, not against, a broad range of print stream solutions, with parsing engines offering the industry’s most comprehensive compatibility of Xerox and IBM print streams, like:

  • IBM 3800 Mod 1 and 3211/1403 line data
  • IBM Mixed Mode
  • Xerox Metacode and Line Conditioned Data Sets with DJDE’s
  • ASCII line data

ADEPT Suite™ is a Turnkey Solution for Document Conversion and Data Extraction

Paloma’s document conversion and legacy data extraction software offers a simple graphical user interface to give even novices the tools they need to extract data for use in newer document applications. Through use of the ADEPT Suite™ graphical interface, users will be able to pull data from legacy print applications without the need to alter the original document. Job setup and configuration is automated, and print file data can be extracted directly into XML or CSV files.

Additional benefits of the ADEPT Suite™ include:

  • Simplified access to legacy data – valuable data can be maddeningly difficult to extract for reuse when dealing with legacy applications. ADEPT Suite™ makes it easy through an intelligent rules-based approach to data extraction, which can then be input into the necessary application.
  • High-Speed Processing – ADEPT Suite™ is built to process high volumes of complex documents to isolate the data to be extracted, saving time and money.
  • Print-to-internet transformation – unleash the power of the internet by converting legacy documents for online presentation.

Paloma is the Source for Complete Document Quality Assurance Tools

Between the Print Perfect™ automated document quality assurance system and ADEPT Suite™, Paloma is the most complete source for managing the document QA and testing process. But having the best software is only half the battle.

Personal Customer Service and Support at Paloma

We include the support of our world-class customer service and training teams with each item we sell. From the secure downloading of each of our products, to the personal training on their use, and well past troubleshooting, our team is always ready to help you get the most from your product.

Rest assured; if an issue should arise, you will have a knowledgeable Paloma technician who knows the products inside and out on the phone with you. At Paloma, we don’t just want to sell our products; we want to build valuable and trusting relationships with our customers. 

For unsurpassed service and industry leading document quality control software, contact Paloma Print Products.

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