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For any company engaging in the generation and assembly of policies, contracts, statements, invoices, and other types of documents, the sheer number of variables subject to change in each project can be truly staggering.

With each new variable comes a new opportunity for errors, meaning rigorous scrutiny is required to assure the quality of documents. This translates to a massive effort invested in the tedium of proofing documents manually. It’s clear for document producers in the insurance, financial services, print services provider, and utility industries: automated document quality control and testing is the only way to go.

Benefits of Automated Document Quality Assurance

  • Thorough testing of modified or upgraded document applications
  • Lowering of document testing costs
  • Minimization in delivery time of modified and upgraded customer documents
  • Dramatic reduction of document errors
  • Improved employee morale and customer satisfaction
  • Reducing print material expenses commonly incurred with manual comparison processes
  • Consistent and reliable results
  • Superior document version control

The Next Level in Document Quality Assurance: Print Perfect™

We are pleased to offer businesses Paloma’s complete solution to time-consuming document testing—Paloma Print Perfect™. Print Perfect™ is a two module system designed to manage the two most costly steps in document generation: print stream comparison and document testing workflow automation.” to “Print Perfect™ is a modular system designed to manage the two most costly steps in document generation: document comparison and document testing workflow automation.

Paloma Print Perfect Software Modules

STREAMdiff™: Print Stream Comparison

Why waste the talent of your developers on proofreading during the testing process? This type of manual inspection of document modifications or upgrades takes a huge amount of time, is incredibly tedious and inaccurate, and most importantly, costs a lot of money and worker resources to accomplish.

STREAMdiff™ digitally compares pre- and post-change document versions, presenting changes and differences to you via an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Differences are color coded and highlighted, offering unsurpassed reviewing ease. The STREAMdiff™ print comparison software is able to compare files in different formats to help you review documents across a wider range of channels. In addition, STREAMdiff™ analyzes structural differences between documents and changes in coded printer languages/instructions making it possible to fix unseen problems before they occur.

STREAMdiff™ can take document comparison a step further by comparing documents on the individual pixel level, for a second degree of document comparison called “Visual Verification”. This minimizes any “false differences” resulting from structural changes which don’t result in a visual change to the document.  In addition, STREAMdiff™ documents all differences in an audit trail for easy tracking in its PDF-based Detailed Difference Report.


DocDiff™: Complex Document Migration Testing

Like our flagship STREAMdiff software, DocDiff™ compares two documents to determine where changes are occurring and reports those changes to the user, but often for projects which can be substantially more complex. For example, for companies with CCM/CXM migration projects (e.g., moving from Adobe InDesign to AEM) or major document redesign efforts - in which document layouts/formats may change dramatically - DocDiff™ provides substantial time and cost savings while ensuring the integrity and quality of documents as they are migrated or redesigned.

DocDiff™ intelligently analyzes your pre-change and post-change documents to determine how they flow from paragraph to paragraph, column to column, and page to page. It then determines if the flow has changed between the documents and matches each document section in the pre-change document to their equivalent document section in the post-change document. Next, DocDiff™ checks all the matched sections to ensure that the content is the same. If DocDiff detects differences, the user can view those differences in either the DocDiff™ software or in the standalone HTML-based DocDiff™ Difference Report. Supported file formats currently include PDF, AFP, AFP Line Data, and Xerox Metacode.


Switch™: Document Testing Workflow Automation

Switch™, the second module of the Print Perfect™ document testing solution, automates the entire document testing process and eliminates the need for custom coding and command line interfaces. This means shorter implementation times, a lower learning curve for document testers and QA teams, and a higher level of control over the document testing process.

STREAMdiff™ handles the comparison process. Switch takes care of the rest, giving you a truly comprehensive document testing solution. 

Among its many capabilities, Switch allows users to:

  • Implement STREAMdiff™ quickly, regardless of experience level
  • Realize the benefits of STREAMdiff™ without needing to learn how to use STREAMdiff™.
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Transport files directly into – and out of - STREAMdiff™
  • Control user access to specific testing processes
  • Prioritize the order of comparison processing jobs
  • Automatically receive notification when document comparisons are completed
  • Remove old testing projects from the server when they are no longer needed
  • Fully document the testing process and recreate each step for future projects
  • …and so much more!

Switch™ gives the user total control over the entire document quality assurance and testing process from file generation and importation to print file comparison to user notification when tests are completed. The automated process offered by Paloma through the Switch™ and STREAMdiff™ products gives your company the freedom to focus on developing new money-making services and better customer care.

A Comprehensive Approach to Automated Document Testing

Paloma Print Products is your best resource for automating and streamlining the document testing process. By utilizing the Print Perfect™ solution, you are getting a complete solution to the manual proofing/testing processes bogging down your business.

But our services don’t stop at document testing. Paloma Print Products offers a companion to the Print Perfect™ software package to give you total control over your document quality assurance system. The transition of legacy documents to newer print or online formats is managed with ADEPT Suite™, which gives the user the agency to support changes from old documents over new marketing channels.

Maintaining fidelity and accuracy when transitioning legacy documents into new formats and delivery channels is a daunting task, but ADEPT Suite™ simplifies the process by providing tools to manage the extraction, visualization, and transformation of data across multiple document print streams, including:

  • IBM® AFP
  • Xerox® Metacode
  • Adobe PDF®
  • PostscriptTM
  • PCL

With document quality control systems like Print Perfect and ADEPT Suite™, Paloma Print Products is your complete provider of document testing and workflow control solutions. The only thing surpassing our products is our customer service.

Customer Care and Assured Document Control

Paloma Print Products is a leading customer-centered supplier of document quality control systems. When you employ Paloma’s automated document quality control solutions, you also employ Paloma’s unsurpassed customer support structure. Our support team is in your corner. We’ll help you master your new automated testing processes through a comprehensive and personalized training period. Rest assured—our customer support team is just a phone call away should any problems arise with your Paloma software solutions.

Contact the automated document testing and quality control experts at Paloma Print Products to save time and money on document quality assurance.

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