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About Paloma Print Products

Paloma Print Products was established in 2004. Located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, Paloma Print Products' mission is to help our clients produce the highest quality customer communications at the lowest possible cost.

Paloma Print Products specializes in providing document quality assurance and print automation solutions that increase developer/tester productivity and document quality for mid to large-scale producers of customer-facing documents such as statements, bills, invoices, policies, contracts, letters, etc. Whether your company produces its own documents or documents for other companies, Paloma Print Products offers solutions that lower document creation and production costs while dramatically improving document quality.

Paloma Print Products offers two primary solutions –Print Perfect™ (for document quality assurance/testing automation, including STREAMdiff™ and Switch™) and CDP Communications' ADEPT Suite™ (for print stream transformation and legacy data extraction).

Please contact Paloma Print Products today for drastically decreased costs for document quality assurance and production.

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Automate proofing, print perfectly.

Paloma can ensure that your document QA process saves dollars and makes sense.

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