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Partnership Reduces Document Testing Costs

Paloma Print Products™ announced today that OSG Billing Services® , a leading full service provider of billing and customer communications, has selected Paloma’s STREAMdiff™ document testing automation software solution. By automating its document testing processes with the Paloma solution, OSG stands to drastically reduce document testing time and cost, while also improving the quality of new document development, ongoing document modifications, and document composition software upgrades.

The key driver in OSG’s selection was Print Perfect’s ability to test OSG’s PDF® document applications in a dramatically shorter timeframe than manual testing processes allow. In addition, Paloma’s knowledge, focus, and technical expertise for supporting OSG’s current output environment was an important factor in OSG’s choice of the Paloma solution.

“We are very impressed with STREAMdiff™’s ability to allow our employees to easily and accurately identify document changes, both those changes which are expected as well as those which are unintended,” remarked Ed Donohue, Senior Vice President – Technical Services, OSG Billing Services. “Our old manual document testing process took so much longer and was not nearly as accurate and reliable as STREAMdiff™.

In addition, it was clear from the start of our search, that Paloma’s superior focus on, and expertise in, document testing automation made them a great vendor and true partner to their clients. They are the right choice for OSG.”

Not only will Print Perfect save substantial time and money, but it is another step OSG is taking to ensure the documents its clients send to their customers continue to be of the highest quality. The implementation of Paloma’s solution is just another step in building on the outstanding reputation for high quality services that OSG has built over more than 20 years in business.

“It was obvious to us from the onset that OSG is a company that values its customer relationships and understands the impact that poor quality can have on its clients. In addition, OSG has firsthand experience with the significant drag manual document testing processes have on productivity, document quality, and profitability,” said Joe Pigeon, Sales & Marketing Director - Paloma Print Products. “We are honored that a strong, progressive company such as OSG Billing Services has chosen Paloma Print Products to automate their document testing processes.”

About OSG Billing Services

OSG is a next-generation technology partner providing integrated multi-channel print and mail and electronic billing solutions through a highly-controlled, state-of-the-art processing Page 2 © 2013, Paloma Product Marketing, LLC environment. Offering experience, security and quality assurance through all phases of the OSG process, our end-to-end system provides the necessary infrastructure to deliver the best possible solutions.

With over 20 years as an outsource service provider, OSG has the knowledge and expertise to help meet unique billing and communication needs and efficiently manage the output for our clients. For more information, please visit

Join OSG Billing Services and partner with Paloma for the best automated document testing solutions.
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