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Paloma Print Products Releases STREAMdiff version 3.3!

Paloma Print Products is pleased to announce the release of STREAMdiff version 3.3.  Some of the new features in this latest STREAMdiff version include:

  • Comparison of Postscript printing options such as bin/tray selection and simplex/duplex.
  • OKVC indexes can now be created using an index/TLE.
  • "Mandatory change" acceptance rules for non-visual document elements.
  • Comparison of "clipping areas" for Postscript and PDF files.
  • The STREAMdiff Detailed Difference window is now non-modal, meaning a user can continue to use STREAMdiff while this window is open.
  • Global template visibility - the user can now easily tell which global templates are being applied to a project.

If you would like to receive this new version, or if you would like to arrange for a "sneak peek" demonstration, please contact the Paloma support team at 888-615-5208, extension 1 or

Thank you for your continued support.


Your Paloma Print Products Support Team

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