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STREAMdiff Version 3.1 Release Announcement

Paloma Print Products is pleased to announce the release of STREAMdiff version 3.1.  Examples of some of the new functionality in version 3.1 include:

  • Enabling/Disabling Rules - this feature provides the ability to disable or enable acceptance and synchronization rules.  In previous STREAMdiff versions, to see the effects of a rule you had to delete it and re-create it.  With the ability to disable and then re-enable rules, the document testing/review process can be further streamlined.
  • Absolute or Relative Paths - all configuration file paths can now be defined as relative paths.  In previous STREAMdiff versions, users could only define absolute paths, meaning the hard-coded paths were contained in the project files.  This made it difficult to move your STREAMdiff project to a different location because all the hard-coded paths in the configuration files would then need to be updated to reflect the new location.  By using the new relative path feature, STREAMdiff projects can now be moved to different locations, shared with other users, or sent to Paloma for support purposes without the need to update hard-coded paths.
  • Command Line Acceptance Rules - STREAMdiff users can now define acceptance rule and global template files on the command line.  In previous STREAMdiff versions, the acceptance rules and project settings were applied via the .sdp file.  In version 3.1, you can override those settings by calling an external acceptance rules or global templates file directly from the command line.  This adds flexibility when running STREAMdiff in a batch mode, particularly for clients who don't utilize our Switch module.

If you would like to receive this new version or schedule a "sneak peek" demonstration, please contact the Paloma support team at 1-888-615-5208, extension 1 or

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