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The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Streamlines Document Composition

In today’s highly challenging economic environment, it has become increasingly difficult for financial services companies to cut document creation and production costs while maintaining – much less improving - document quality. This is no longer true for The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts (SBLI), a leading life insurance provider.

In late 2009, SBLI was looking for ways to reduce the time and cost of upgrading to the latest versions of its HP Exstream® document composition software. To achieve this objective, SBLI turned to Paloma Print Products document testing automation solution - Print Perfect™.

Upgrades Made Faster and Easier

Prior to automating its document testing processes with Print Perfect™, SBLI tested its document applications manually. However, using manual visual inspection was time-consuming, costly, and error-prone.

Since automating the testing component of their document development and upgrade projects with Print Perfect™, the impact of the visual inspection is gone. In upgrading all documents from HP Exstream version 4.0 to HP Exstream version 7.0, Print Perfect™ was utilized; SBLI tested all converted applications with zero defects reported.

According to Lee-Anne Downey, SBLI Vice President and Director of Information Systems, “Every document composition software upgrade is challenging. Complicating this particular upgrade was the fact that we needed to move up three version levels, as opposed to just one level. We put our trust in Paloma Print Products to help us finish this upgrade with little, if any, negative impact to our production process.”

The trust placed in Paloma’s industry-leading document testing automation solution was well-rewarded as SBLI was able to achieve its zero defect goal for this upgrade project. According to Downey, “we attribute this zero defect rate completely to Print Perfect™’s ability to effectively compare our version 4.0 documents to the new version 7.0 documents. Not only is Print Perfect highly accurate, but it allowed us to test a much greater volume of customer documents – in a shorter timeframe – before we moved our document applications into production on version 7.0.”

Not only did Paloma offer a great software solution, but the support they offered throughout SBLI’s upgrade project was first-rate. According to Downey, “We have enjoyed great success with Print Perfect™. Our success is attributable not only to the software, but also to the outstanding support we received from Paloma from the day we installed the software through the completion of our upgrade project.”

Speeding Software Upgrades and Raising the Quality Bar

When SBLI decided to implement the Print Perfect™ solution in 2009, they had high expectations for cutting upgrade project timelines and costs while improving document quality. They also had high expectations of Paloma Print Products.

“When we approached Paloma, they had a reputation for providing completely automated document testing solutions that we felt would help us improve our upgrade process while lowering document application testing costs and improving quality,” notes Downey. “What we didn’t fully realize at the time was the number of applications in which Print Perfect™ could be used within our organization.

For example, not only did we use Print Perfect for our HP Exstream upgrade, but our document developers and testers continue to use it on an almost daily basis for changes made to our customer documents for regulatory or marketing purposes. Paloma Print Products have surpassed our expectations not only with a superior solution, but also with their impressive ability to integrate Print Perfect™ into our existing operation.”

Downey adds, “We definitely chose the right partner in Paloma and they have exceeded our original expectations by a great margin. We have found a whole host of ways to substantially reduce document upgrade and enhancement project timelines and costs while improving document quality. In short, we view Print Perfect™ as a competitive advantage for SBLI.”

About The Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts

The Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts was founded in 1907 by Justice Louis Brandeis with a commitment to provide value, quality, and stability its customers can count on. SBLI has the largest amount of life insurance in force in the state of Massachusetts, and has continually expanded its product offerings. About The Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts SBLI insurance products are now available to consumers in 40 states and the District of Columbia.

SBLI also has a deep and direct connection with communities it serves. Public involvement continues to be very important for SBLI. The company’s philanthropic contributions combined with its financial stability, compassion and creativity have made SBLI a respected and valued corporate citizen.

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